Smoother and fee-free payments for Mycelium Wallet users

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If you are a Mycelium Wallet user (or you are thinking of becoming one), there are two things we have for you. Mycelium Wallet’s latest update (January 14, 2016) makes pairing the mobile wallet with Cashila more intuitive and faster – you can now log-in directly from the app. The second thing: everyone using Cashila via Mycelium wallet gets zero fee on the first 1,000 EUR they transfer! Read more

Receiving payments from across the globe is now easier than ever

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Whether you are a developer, blogger, designer, reseller or any other kind of online entrepreneur, you’ve probably come across the payment issue. By all means you want it to be simple and with as little fees as possible, right? Receiving payments from around the globe can be tricky, not taking into account the time it usually takes – that’s where we at Cashila step in. Our goal is to always make the payment super easy for our clients. All it takes is 1%. Read more

Introducing the Cashila Referral Program

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Every great service needs a referral program. Right? Right. We’ve tossed around some ideas at the office, exchanged opinions, read the internet and at the end agreed this is what we want to try. Hope it works for you! Read more

Cashila’s Black Friday Special

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We are jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon with a special offer. Therefore all of your transactions processed on the 27th of November will be done for free. If you’re transferring money to Cashila or paying bills, now is the perfect time to do it. No fee! Read more

New team member aboard!

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Yes, we have a brand new team member and we are excited about it! Ervin Ursic Kovac has joined Cashila as a Legal and Compliance expert. Read more