ICONOMI.net operation during the hard-fork

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On Wednesday at approximately 1 PM CEST, all Ether operations will be disabled for roughly 2 hours due to major updates to the Ethereum network. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. Read more

We’re hiring!

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I am very happy to announce the Cashila team is currently working on an international project, which we believe will set new milestones in the existing financial world. Our project is based on a platform that is still in the early stages of development, which gives you a unique opportunity to co-shape it and help us build innovative solutions. Read more

We are introducing ICONOMI, the user-friendly way to buy and store ether

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We are thrilled to announce ICONOMI, our new user-friendly ether-based service. ICONOMI is an all-around and simple to use platform, making it easy to buy, sell and store ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum project. It’s intended for those familiar with the cryptocurrency market and for investors who have a few or zero experience in this market. Read more

Why SOFORT deposits are no longer available

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Back in January we were very pleased to introduce SOFORT Banking as a way to instantly top up your Cashila account. As some of you have noticed, the option to use SOFORT was greyed out in the last few weeks and is now removed completely. Find out why and what we have learned along the way. Read more

Live on bitcoin and rebuy them effortlessly when spent

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We believe in the bitcoin economy as a whole – and the need for users to spread the word and use their coins as much as they can. That is why we have joined forces with Bitnik Reload to bring a solution for the community to truly live on bitcoin (and rebuy it on-the-fly). The new partnership enables users to make fast and simple payments with Cashila, while automatically repurchasing all bitcoin spendings from an exchange of your choice. Read more

Cashila’s recent downtime

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Some of you may have noticed our website was offline yesterday for a brief period of time and that BTC withdrawals are currently unavailable. Read more

With the help of SOFORT Banking you can now buy bitcoin instantly

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In order to make payments even simpler we are introducing an exciting feature. Simple banking and dealing with payments in bitcoin and SEPA, has always been our no. 1 priority. We are now taking it a step further. With the integration of SOFORT Banking, a payment system which allows you to instantly top up your account from a number of European banks by directly transferring funds, you are now able to buy that bitcoin straight away. Read more