Due to the recent hiccup in the Ethereum ecosystem, caused by the DAO “hack”, the community will decide whether or not to directly save the funds that were lost in the attack mounted at the DAO smart contract. The proposed solution at the moment requires a “hard-fork” of Ethereum, which means that a new blockchain will become the blockchain of Ethereum. Voting (non-binding) is already over, with the majority voting for the hard-fork. The true support for the hard fork will be revealed at block #1920000, which is expected to be mined at approximately 3 PM CEST, this Wednesday. Ethereum is programmed to switch to a new chain at block #1920000. Whether or not the adoption of the new chain will be successful depends on the users and miners actually running the newly released clients and opting for the new chain.


The aforementioned requires major updates to be done within Ethereum. Among other things, the majority of users and miners have to switch to new clients, so a new consensus regarding which chain to follow is established. During this time, a short period of uncertainty will exist. Deposit and withdrawals will be disabled on all exchanges. We will also disable all Ether operations on ICONOMI for the shortest possible time, while a new consensus is formed. This shouldn’t take more than 2 hours.

After a new consensus is formed, ICONOMI will resume operating normally. Deposits and withdrawals will be using the “winning” Ethereum blockchain.