During the past year we’ve witnessed a lot of talk about Ethereum; ether is intriguing and it’s stirring interest also among people who were previously not keen in investing with cryptocurrency. With no comprehensible tool around to start off in the ether world, it is not easy for someone new to get in the game.

Because we believe everyone should be able to easily participate in the new economy, we have decided to do something about it. We created ICONOMI.

ICONOMI, the user-friendly way to buy and store ether

We’ve been working for months, developing our own platform for users to easily step into the crypto space. The aim was simple: building Europe’s easiest way to buy ether.

Key features

  • user-friendly platform designed for anyone to use,
  • easy one-click buy and sell options,
  • buy ether at a fixed price,
  • zero in-and-out cost on SEPA bank transfers from any bank account,
  • convenient and safe online Ethereum Wallet,
  • same day SEPA deposit and withdrawal processing and
  • no verification for up to 1,000 EUR of bank transfers.

We wanted the process to be as straightforward as possible, so we broke it down into two basic steps:

  1. Deposit funds via bank transfer
  2. Click the BUY NOW button

The user-friendly platform makes every action easy and fast. Let’s see how.

How to get started

1. Open an account with ICONOMI

This is super easy, only an email and password in required. Sign up here.


2. Transfer funds

To get started, make a wire transfer from a bank account to your ICONOMI account. You can deposit funds to your ICONOMI account using a SEPA transfer. Deposits and withdrawals work the same as with Cashila.


3. Buy ether

Once euros are deposited to your ICONOMI account, you are set to make your first instant ether purchase.

4. Done!

Ether is securely stored in your Ethereum wallet and displayed in your dashboard.


Other cryptocurrencies following

Ether is the first cryptocurrency added to ICONOMI. In the future we will be adding additional hand-picked coins – the ones we recognize to have a lot of potential and count as valid.

ICONOMI’s vision is to become a single point of entry for investing into the crypto space – a place where you come to see which cryptocurrencies you should look out for, in which you invest and keep them securely stored. We want the new service to become the easiest and the fastest solution for investing ether and other future currencies.

No verification required

The same as with Cashila, no verification is required for the use of the service. With an email address, users can make up to 1,000 EUR of bank transfers without verification. Trading of ETH doesn’t sum to the transfer volume, as only in and out bank transfers do, so you are able to buy and sell ETH as freely as you like.

Promotional zero fees!

To celebrate our launch no fees will be applied to ETH buying or selling during our promotional period. Also, you are able to make free of charge bank deposits and withdrawals any business day. Pretty neat, right?


Start your ether journey today.

About Ethereum

The Ethereum platform is designed upon a decentralized architecture that enables advanced software development. It enables applications to run within the Ethereum blockchain and not on a central server, thus making them censorship-resistant and trustless. The digital token unit of the Ethereum platform is called “ether” and it is used to pay for computational services on the Ethereum network.

Over the past months, ether has increasingly become a game changer in the crypto world. The wide range of applications being developed by the Ethereum community and its unique features, along with increased liquidity and market capitalization, have made ether an obvious first choice for ICONOMI.