What’s new?

A good bitcoin wallet is still one of top priorities for bitcoin holders. We were never hiding the fact that Mycelium Wallet is our no. 1 choice and we are always happy to suggest it to others. Our enthusiasm now extends even further. Why? Because the integration of Cashila into the wallet enables even smoother SEPA payments directly from this great app. You can send euro payments to any IBAN account directly from your Mycelium Wallet app on your mobile phone using bitcoin.

From the latest update on you can:

  • log into Cashila directly from the app,
  • add new recipients or import contacts from your Cashila account.

All this results in a faster and smoother payment procedure.


Get fee-free transfers!

Already a user? Congrats on a sound decision. We gift each user that pairs Mycelium Wallet to Cashila a 1,000 EUR bonus of fee-free transfers. Spend them well!

Don’t own a mobile wallet yet? Check out the guide below.

Instructions for new users

Here is a quick guide on how to pair Mycelium Wallet with Cashila.

  1. In case you don’t yet have a Mycelium Wallet, download it here (right now direct SEPA payments are available for Android only). Remember to backup your wallet.
  2. Navigate to “Send”, where a new option is now available – “Euro payment”.
  3. Log in with your Cashila credentials, or make a new account straight from the app.
  4. You are all set to start making payments.

Same as with Cashila’s service, you don’t need to upload any ID to send payments if you stay below 1,000 euros per year.

The folks at Mycelium Wallet are doing such a great job for the whole bitcoin community and we are proud to be featured in their product.