Only 1%? How do I roll in?

The main ingredient in this recipe is the currency of the future, a digital one, just like the web. We call it bitcoin. Bitcoin enables the transfer of funds all over the world, almost instantly. You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, and if you’d like to do a fast recap, check out our About bitcoin site. Bitcoin is THE thing that is putting the money-transfer industry where it belongs – into the 21st century.

A local boy band wants a new logo – or – A quick guide on how to start accepting bitcoin as a payment

Let’s see how it goes. Meet Alex. Alex is a graphic designer from the EU, and he has just sold a logo for 100 euros to a local boy band in the USA. Now, how do they pay him? Wire transfer, right? Wrong – unless you are up for a painful and expensive experience. The second option, a smoother one, is PayPal, which still takes up to 4%, plus another 4% on the currency conversion, of Alex’s money. So Alex and the guys decide to try bitcoin out, and they set up an account with Cashila. Because it’s fast, simple and it works!

Easy as 1-2-3…

  • Open an account with Cashila
  • In the Dashboard go to “Receive”
  • Choose “Bitcoin payment”
  • Enter the amount you need to receive (in EUR or BTC)
  • Optionally label your payment (e.g. “Boy band Logo”)
  • Send the payment link to the payer (via email, chat…)

The boy band can now buy bitcoin at their local exchange and pay Alex for the great service he provided by following the link he just sent. The cost? One percent.

Why use Cashila?

Cashila works as your online, private bank account.

If you are a European resident receiving money from outside Europe or if you’re working on a project for a European client, we have an attractive alternative to the pricey and time-consuming bank service.

You can fund your Cashila account in two ways:

  • by receiving bitcoins or
  • by receiving SEPA deposits.

And the best part? You can receive funds from whomever you want – and send it to whomever you want. Receiving a paycheck? No problem. Paying bills? No problemo. Sending a friend some bitcoin? Sure!

What about this “Share” feature I’ve been hearing about?

We’ve added a powerful new feature, which makes payments to your account really simple for you and the payer.

Send your payment request like you would send your paper invoice. Go through the Bitcoin deposit process on your Cashila dashboard and at the end click on the link next to “Is someone sending you payment in bitcoin?”. You will be able to share the generated link via email (and also add a personal message to it) or copy it and share it around the way you prefer it.

Pricing in bitcoin or euros? We do it both!

You can select the receiving payment to be in bitcoin or euro. Our system makes the required conversion automatically. Just remember: all of the the received bitcoins get converted to EUR as soon as they reach Cashila.

For example, Alex could price his logo at 0.25 bitcoins, but he chose to price it at 100 EUR. It’s up to you. If you are worried about the volatility of bitcoin, you can set to receive them in the exact amount in euros. By using the latest exchange rate, our service takes care of the conversion, so the sender always sends the right amount of bitcoins, no matter his local currency.

If the person is sending you funds from the EU, they can also transfer them from their local bank account to Cashila’s via SEPA.

Cashila sounds great! Can I test it for free?

Sure. Know someone in the same situation as yourself? Register and invite them to Cashila – you will both get 500 EUR of fee-free transfers. More friends, more fee-free transfers. No upper limit there. Nice, right?

Where do I sign up?

Right here. Enter your email, set a password and you are good to go! No verification or bank account needed.