We admit. We weren’t very creative regarding program’s name so it simply goes by the name Cashila Referral Program. It’s Cashila’s, it’s a program and it’s a referral. It should do the job.

Zero fee on the next 500 EUR you transfer

Cashila Referral Program is two-sided, which means it has goodies for you and the person you are referring.

Each time a new user signs up to Cashila via your invite, you both receive zero fee on the next 500 EUR you transfer.

You can invite as many people as you’d like, there is no upper limit. For instance, if you get 17 new users, the fee for the next 8500 euros transferred is on us! 

How it works?

  1. Every user gets their personal invite link. If you are a Cashila user, find yours HERE.
  2. Send the link to your friends via email, chat, Facebook, Twitter, …
  3. Each time one of your invitees creates an account with Cashila, you are both rewarded with zero fee on the next 500 EUR you transfer.

If there’s more you’d like to know about Cashila Referral Program, have a look here.

Thanks for being a good sport and helping us spread the word. Invite your friends and get that bonus!