You have probably already heard of Trezor. In a nutshell, it is a hardware bitcoin wallet for offline transaction signing which comes with a small display where you verify the transaction contents. Ever since we started collaborating with Trezor making the whole experience even smoother has always been on our mind. We all strive to make the service as simple as possible for you to use. With our latest update we are a step closer to that. Users gain a convenient new way to transfer bitcoins directly from their Trezor wallet to a bank account of their choice. It is a feature that will be appreciated by all Trezor users who would like to use their bitcoins to pay bills or cash out in a simple manner.

How to

  1. Log into Cashila account.
  2. Go to “Pay/Send”. Enter all of the necessary payment details: – choose Bank account as type of transfer, – enter the amount you want to transfer, and – recipient details.
  3. Once done click the NEXT button, and plug Trezor into your computer.
  4. The “Review and confirm transaction” screen opens. Here you are able to choose between making a payment from your Cashila EUR wallet (if you have enough balance), your BTC wallet or directly from Trezor. Choose Trezor.
  5. If you have protected your Trezor with a PIN, a Trezor connect pop-up with “Please enter your PIN” appears. Follow the instructions.
  6. You arrive at “Choose the account” Trezor connect pop-up – choose the account you are sending the bitcoins from.
  7. Transaction will appear on the Trezor screen. You need to confirm your transaction two times.
  8. Done.
  If you have any questions or comments – let us know. We are always glad to help out. Enjoy the simplicity.