We initially set up our website at the beginning of the year (january 2015). It has served us well, but we all agreed Cashila is ready for an upgrade.   As all good things (ok, most of them), this one also started with a lot of brainstorming. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Among ourselves, with investors and colleagues from the bitcoin community. Looking into our users’ behaviour, possible usage cases and doing some market research we set up a goal to achieve a service with better functionalities and upgraded content. Redesigning, reorganising and updating both the dashboard and the website have all been part of our evolution process.   Cashila started off by making it easy for a bitcoin enthusiast to pay their bills and cash out when needed. Now we are bringing those enthusiasts one step closer to actually live on bitcoin. In addition, we are introducing the advantages of bitcoin to a broader audience; people living abroad, freelancers and other individuals in a similar position. Those two groups are in many cases still pretty unfamiliar with this extraordinary technology but could benefit from it right this moment – if they were aware of the solutions. Yes, some would argue it is still too early, but we believe it is also our responsibility to try and spread the awareness. To let people know people they have a choice.   Enough talking, let’s see the good stuff!  

A complete website redesign

We’ve combined a cleaner and streamlined design with useful content and some thrilling new features.  

Landing page

Became more interactive and more explanatory. We have tried to avoid the cold, sterile look and be more people friendly. We explain what Cashila is all about, who is it for and what are its key values. We invite you to be creative with our API and let you check out our TW feed. See for yourself.  

About Bitcoin

This is a page we are really happy to have. Really really happy. We hear the “Bit-what? Bitcoin? What is bitcoin? How? Why..?” so many times (if you are into bitcoin I’m sure this is no news to you). And we always found it a bit of a challenge on how to explain it simply. In many cases we felt our explanation didn’t do the trick; because let’s face it – it is overwhelming. On About Bitcoin we tried to sum up a clean and simple message on basic bitcoin terms and ways. If you find it useful, share it with those who would like to but yet don’t understand Bitcoin – that is the main purpose of the page.  

Refreshed Blog

As you can see, the blog has also been redone. It offers some useful content for complete newbies and interesting tidbits for all the bitcoin connoisseurs. You can search by category, month of publication, and by related articles.  

A complete dashboard redesign

The dashboard is brand new. Its simplified layout and uncluttered design leads to a more intuitive interface, ensuring a faster end-result whether you’re paying bills or simply moving money around. Sign up remains simple: an email and a password, and you can start making transactions. You don’t need a bank account to use Cashila, Cashila can now actually replace your bank account, if that is your thing. Keep in mind we offer no interest on money deposited with us, but also charge no monthly maintenance or any other fee (apart from the 1% on incoming transactions).


Main new features

From now on you can receive money from anyone directly to Cashila. Keep it in the account, make payments or … … convert to bitcoin straight away, and keep all your savings in bitcoin.   In short what you can now do with Cashila:
  • make transactions to any SEPA bank account from bitcoin
  • receive bitcoin and EUR payments from anyone
  • keep EUR balance
  • buy bitcoin with received EUR and send it to your wallet
  I could go on about it, but one has to draw the line somewhere.  
  There. The line. Which I have drawn.  From here on we let you be the judge of what we have done. Get to know the new Cashila and let us know your thoughts. If you find a glitch or inspiration, we’d be happy to hear about it. Your feedback means a great deal to us and helps us to improve our ability to serve you and other users of our service.