First of all congratulations on becoming your own boss. It is a great step towards personal independence! Most of us at Cashila have at some stage experienced freelancing and are quite fond of it. Being in control of your time and location, the work you do and the potential to earn more money are all pretty neat. Sure, you have more responsibilities, but hey – at least you get on with your employer! There is one thing you may find a bit annoying when doing a job for a foreign client. All is well, until you discuss payment terms. If you have experienced this you probably know what we are talking about. Sure, you get your money. Eventually and most of it. But slow payments, high fees, and losing some extra cash with currency conversions are all part of the game. It is quite hard to believe that in this day and age we still have to wait (im)patiently for several days for our payments to be processed. If you are always looking to optimise your business, you may have already tried out several payment methods. In building Cashila’s service all the glitches of the current solutions were at the forefront of our minds. We are not saying our solution is perfect for you, but it just may work.  

Why use Cashila?

If you are a European resident receiving money from outside Europe or if you’re working on a project for a European client we have an alternative to a pricey and time-consuming bank service.  

It will save you money…

Have you ever summed up all the money you gave up for flat fees and transactional costs? If you haven’t you should. Or maybe rather not. Let’s just say you’d understand where all that polished marble comes from. You are the one who did all the work, so you should not be giving away 3% оr 5% cut of your earnings for various fees. With Cashila there is 1% fee on incoming transfers only and no fees on outgoing ones. If you don’t have a bank account or if you want to replace your primary bank account you can also do that with us. Note, no monthly maintenance fee or any other costs.  

… and time

Bitcoin is transferred instantly while euro still takes its time to make way from one account to another. With traditional ways of money transfer you could easily wait for 2-3 business days per international transaction. That amounts to 40 days per year just waiting to receive your own funds. FORTY DAYS! Transferring money internationally is slow and inefficient because there are limited connections between financial institutions and systems, closed weekend hours and other internal reasons. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand and can’t make banks work faster. Not yet, anyway. But the good news is that with Cashila international transfer will only take as long as the internal transfers does (vs. international transfer, which is your final goal).   Want to understand bitcoin better? Learn more here  

European receiving payments

If you are located in the SEPA zone you can receive payments in bitcoin or euro. Received bitcoins will automatically convert to euros. You can cash them out by sending euros to your primary euro bank account, make a payment to any other SEPA bank account (to pay bills or send money to your friends/family) or keep them in your Cashila account.  

Receive a payment from the US or any other country outside Europe

You will have to give the client your Cashila bitcoin address, so they can transfer bitcoin to this address. As soon as they are transferred into your account, we exchange them into euros.  

  1. The company you work with exchanges the amount of your payment into bitcoins at their local bitcoin exchange.
  2. They keep them either at the chosen exchange or in their bitcoin wallet.
  3. From there they transfer bitcoins to your Cashila account.
  4. Bitcoins arrive instantly, and we exchange them for euros.
  5. You make a transfer to your bank account or keep them with Cashila.
  6. Cost: 1% of the payment.

  For more detailed information see How do I start below.  

Receiving payments from Europe

If you are an American, Asian, African, … working remotely on a project with a European company we got you covered. The company you work with wires euros to your Cashila account as they would to your regular bank account. You will usually receive them in your Cashila account some time between an hour and 24 hours later, depending on the time of day the money is transferred. The wait is due to bank transactions. If client sends bitcoins, they arrive at your Cashila account in minutes. If your local currency isn’t euro follow the procedure below.    

  1. Company wires euros to your Cashila account.
  2. At Cashila you exchange them for bitcoins.
  3. You provide your wallet address, where bitcoins are sent.
  4. Bitcoins arrive to your wallet.
  5. Go to an exchange in your home country and exchange them into your local currency.
  6. Money is transferred into your bank account.
  7. Cost: 1% of the payment.

  You can also keep euros in your account.   For more detailed information see the section below.  

How do I start?


Step 1: Create an account

By setting up a username and a password, you create your personal Cashila account. There is no initial verification (check our verification policy here), and that makes on-boarding super fast.   1    

Step 2: Get your account details

Go to the “Receive” page. Here you will find all the information your client will need to send you the money. Depending on whether they are transferring bitcoins or euros, you will send them Cashila bank accounts details or the bitcoin address. With the bank account make sure you provide the correct reference number, since the reference is unique each time. Funds will be transferred to the chosen account/address.  


Step 3: Send payment request

Double check the given information and send the request to the payer. You can do so by downloading the PDF file (Download instructions as PDF), then print it out or send it to a particular email. The other option is to send instructions directly from your Cashila account (Send instructions).

As you can see the 1% fee is already calculated in the amount.



Step 4: Receive payment

The payment hits your Cashila account. This is the feel-good moment when the improved balance of your Euro Wallet shows as you click the refresh button.      


Step 5: Take action

It is up to you what you do next. You can keep euros in the account, make payments, cash out or buy bitcoins.  

Once you’ve set up your account and done your first transaction, you will see it is easy after all. And, most importantly, it works. If you have any questions or comments send us an email at and we can talk.