We assume the decision of leaving your country and most probably also your loved ones to go and live abroad wasn’t the easiest one you ever took. Still you are most probably doing it for the family, thinking of their future and enabling them to have a better life today. To make this happen you send cash home on a regular basis. During the money transfer procedure some of that bright future is being taken away. International banks and numerous intermediaries take their cut each time you transfer money. Those charges can easily be as high as 10% and more. Let’s say you transfer 1,500 EUR per year. That’s 150 euros of the money your family will never see, a lot of cash they could spend on things they really need. In addition to being expensive, these transactions are slow and usually take days if not longer. We believe we have a fairer deal for you.

Our charge is only 1% for all incoming amounts, and no charge on the outgoing transactions. You don’t even need a bank account. And it’s fast. If you want to know more, read on.  

No bank account needed

No, you really don’t need a bank account to use Cashila, Cashila can actually replace a bank account. In this way you avoid hiding money in a mattress, without paying any maintenance fee for that. And there is no need to worry – we are a licensed small payment institution. From your Cashila account you can pay your monthly bills (electricity, rent, etc.). To do grocery shopping at the local store, you simply send some of the money to a prepaid debit card and use it. Find out more about prepaid debit cards here.  

The low-cost remittance solution

Your next step with Cashila will be to send or receive euros. You can keep euros or buy bitcoin and send bitcoin to anyone, anywhere in the world; there are no geographical limitations for bitcoin. Recipient will convert bitcoin into local currency at a bitcoin exchange supported in their country or spend them online. Check here for exchanges in your home country.   To sum up what you can do with Cashila:

  • make euro payments to any SEPA bank account (euro bank account)
  • receive payments in euro or bitcoin
  • convert euros to bitcoin
  • convert bitcoin to euro


Ready to test it out?

Let’s go through the procedure of sending remittance money to your family outside Europe.  

Step 1 : Create an account

First your create a Cashila account. All you need to start is a username and a password. There is no initial verification for annual transactions of less than EUR 1,000 (see more on the verification here).   1    

Step 2: Make a euro deposit

Go to the “Receive” page. Here you will see the information about the bank account number, where you (or your employer or anyone else) need to transfer euros to your Cashila Euro Wallet.  

Choose which type of deposit (EUR or BTC) you are about to receive. Enter the payment amount and, if you wish, label it for future reference.


Step 3: Send payment request 

Here is the information you provide to the payer. You can do so by downloading the PDF file (Download instructions as PDF), print it out or send it to a particular email. The other option is to send instructions directly from your Cashila account (Send instructions).

As you can see the 1% fee is already calculated in the amount.


Step 4: Buy and send bitcoin

Once euros arrive in your Cashila account, go to “Pay/Send” and enter the amount you want to send and the bitcoin wallet address of the recipient.

Make sure the amount and address are correct, since bitcoin transactions are irreversible: once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.  Once you are sure press Confirm. Bitcoins are sent. 


Not sure what a wallet is? See here. In order to send or receive bitcoins, all your family needs is a bitcoin address and internet access  – there are a lot of bitcoin wallets that work with smartphones (for example Mycelium wallet for android or Bread wallet for iOS).   

Step 4: Recipient converts to local currency

At the other end the person exchanges the bitcoin they’ve received at a local bitcoin exchange. You can find an exchange in your home country on the website here. Another option is to find individual bitcoin buyers at Local bitcoins. You can meet up in person or exchange over the web. 

If you want to learn more about bitcoin go to our About bitcoin page or visit a blog post on the subject.

Hope you find this article helpful. Welcome to send us any further questions, we will make sure to provide requested information. And if you like the solution, share it with others.