A while ago we wrote about our collaboration with the Mycelium team. Due to integration of Cashila’s API into their Wallet, their users can be making euro payments directly from their app. We also mentioned to be working on another project and we are glad to announce it’s now ready to use!  

Money from a customer straight into the merchants wallet

Mycelium Gear is designed for merchants to receive payment from customers directly into their wallet – with no bank or any third party standing in between. As they say, gear eliminates the notion of payouts – you get your money instantly. By integrating Cashila’s API, their users now have an option to automatically exchange received bitcoins into euros and receive them directly into their bank accounts.  

Expanding the business to bitcoin users

If you are in the online business and would like to expand your costumers to those paying with bitcoin, we encourage you on trying the Mycelium Gear. They promise it’s easy to install and use. If we take them by their word: it won’t take 5 minutes of your time. See here.