What can I use Cashila for?

It depends on what you need. Because you stopped by we assume you already have some bitcoins and would now want them to find their way around as euros (if you are a newcomer here is an article explaining a little bit about bitcoin). With Cashila you can make transactions to the 19 countries which are part of SEPA (SEPA stands for The Single Euro Payments Area). Those countries are:
  • Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.
In case you transfer money to any of the other SEPA countries, they will still receive the cash but we can’t guarantee the end value. Why? Because their national currency is not the euro.That means the bank will receive the euro and exchange it at their exchange rate into their national currency.  

Paying bills

Whatever bills you receive in your home mailbox or your email inbox – you can pay for them via Cashila. Examples of monthly bills:
  • energy, water, phone, insurance, rent, mortgage, newspaper subscription …
When you decide to make a payment, make sure you have those slips right there with you, because they contain the information you need to complete the transaction:
  • the IBAN bank account number,
  • the reference,
  • the amount of your payment.

Send money

You can send euros to any bank account (your’s or someone else’s) from wherever you are. Let’s say you have a sister who went to explore the great dimensions of Europe. She got carried away, did a bit of shopping, slept in fancy places and is now left with an empty wallet. Because she is your favorite sibling, you will help her out by taking some of your bitcoins and putting euros on her account. Sending money this way is a good option, because:
  • it is very fast
  • there’s only 1% Cashila fee and no hidden fees

Ready to start cashing those bitcoins?

It’s fast and easy to get going! You can start making payments from our website as soon as you sign up. When you sign up you arrive to our Dashboard. Here all of your transactions will take place.
  1. Click Pay Bill.
  2. Enter the IBAN bank account number of the recipient you wish to transfer the euros to. Type in the reference number and the amount of your payment (the smallest amount is 5 euros).
  3. Fill in the form with the recipient’s info. Press CONFIRM.
  4. Now you make a payment. Here you find sender/recipient/transaction information and the QR code. Once you scan the QR code, the transaction process begins.
  5. Payment done – euros are shortly transferred to the chosen bank.
Since Cashila’s Dashboard is bound to be one of your favourite new places, don’t forget to put it among your Favourites.  

For the Mycelium Wallet users

First of all – congratulation on a great choice! Folks at Mycelium Wallet are doing such a great job for the whole bitcoin community and we’re proud to be featured in their product. You can transfer money directly from their app. Go in the Mycelium Wallet, pair it to Cashila and you can start. We have done a little how-to video, check it out here.  


You can transfer money without being a verified user, but you are limited to 1,000 EUR worth of bills per year. To proceed with payments you will need to verify. Once you verify, the amount of money we can transfer for you gets larger. If you are planning on sending over 1,000 EUR per year, we kindly suggest you verify.  

Get in touch

So, by now you should have gotten some ideas on how to cash in your bitcoins. Hope you learned a little something and you are now eager to test it out. If you have any questions or comments, we’d be happy to hear from you!