What do we at Cashila do?

Our main activity, one that most of other stuff evolves around, is helping you put your bitcoins to use. For instance, at cashila.com you can pay your household bills with bitcoin, transfer some of them onto your bank account or top up your prepaid credit card. We are just closing our second seed investment, which is well exciting news, because that means we can keep on improving our service! Our secondary activities consist of drinking a lot of Club Mate, taking good care of our balcony garden (or at least trying to), making sure our neighbours are up to date with groovy playlists and all other random stuff start-ups usually do.

Our milestones

Cashila was officially founded almost a year ago – we are about to blow out our first candle on 23rd July!   1BD   But really it all began back in november 2013. We first went by the name VipBit and our idea was slightly different than the one we are delivering today. When we pinpointed what is that we really wanted to try at, we also changed our name and  opened a new chapter.   to_cashila   Interesting events took place after:
  • in August 2014 we secured a seed investment from private investors and from LAUNCHub. Through them we’ve met amazing mentors and fellow startuppers.
Jani and Tim Mitja at LAUNCHhub’s “Wall of fame”
  • in April 2015, after quite a bureaucratic battle, we became the first company to receive a bank licence for processing bitcoin payments in Europe. It was no easy mission, but with a lot of perseverance and strong determination we made it happen.
  • we have released our API and at the beginning of June Cashila got integrated into one of the best companion services out there – the Mycelium Wallet. Everyone using the Mycelium Wallet can send euro payments to any IBAN account via bitcoin directly from their app. If you are a Mycelium user and haven’t paired the two yet, here‘s a short how-to. Our vision is for Cashila to become a norm in every wallet out there.

Everyday life

Up till today we have joined multiple different startup or strictly FinTech (= an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial systems more efficient) events across Europe presenting our service, meeting exceptional people and raising awareness in the wider community.   FullSizeRender-1
Our days are either those on the road …
  Where we never lock ourselves in. We are aware that ideas need to be talked about so we seek various opinions. This is the place where hours of loud and passionate Skype debates with many interesting people from the industry happen. It is also a place where we invite our users to come over and debate our product. It gives us interesting insight and it brings fresh ideas on how people can use our service.   FullSizeRender
… or those at the office.

1000 Bitcoin achievement unlocked

Let’s conclude our first post with something rather optimistic. You might have noticed a counter on our front page, which is now well over 1000 transferred bitcoins.   Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 13.36.40
And all of the above helps us learn and grow daily.
  And that is so encouraging! It shows that the public is starting to believe in bitcoin and it also proves that what we are doing works. Hopefully the number of those trusting bitcoin to solve their everyday issues and accepting it as a healthy alternative to existing ways of payments will continue to grow higher with each day. The interest in bitcoin has risen strongly in the last year and we believe there are countless options of how it could help improve the life we know today. And we will do whatever is in our power to set a good example for the bitcoin community. So, in short, this is us, it’s what we are about. Hopefully you will stick around and you’ll share this journey with us. If you have any questions or comments, don’t be a stranger – we’d love to hear from you.