What this means for you, our users –>
You can seamlessly make euro payments to any SEPA bank-accounts directly from your Mycelium Wallet. This way payments are done quicker and more straight forward.
It’s been amazing working with Mycelium guys and we are so grateful for the overall experience. The even better news is our collaboration isn’t stopping here! Together we are seconds away from releasing another awesome feature and you’ll be the first to hear when it’s out.  

Instructions for new users

Have a look at a short how-to video on pairing the two devices.  
  If you are on the “I prefer the written instructions” team, please see the steps below.
  1. In case you don’t yet have a Mycelium Wallet, go download it here (right now it’s available for Android only).
  2. Log into your Cashila account. If you haven’t got one, now is the time to create it.
  3. When you log in to your account, you are in the Dashboard. Go to “Account -> Pair device“.
  4. Grab you phone and scan the appearing QR code with the camera button from within Mycelium Wallet.
  5. After successfully pairing the two, a new option appears in the main-menu: “SEPA Payment“.
  6. You are all set to start making payments.
Same as with Cashila’s service, you don’t need to upload any ID to send payments, if you stay below 1ooo euros per year.  

Use our API to upgrade your service

Just like the Mycelium did, so can you. The possibilities on how you can imtegrate it to your service are limitless – we are looking forward to seeing your creativity. Interested in experimenting with it? If you have any questions regarding the subject feel free to contact us. We would like to hear you comments, ideas.